A/C and Heating Service

  Our qualified technicians are ready to clean your evaporator and adjust your air conditioner Freon level for top performance. While they are at it, they can check your heater for leaks and assure your heating system is ready for winter service.

Appliance Repair / Installation

Our technicians are ready to service your major kitchen appliances or professionally install new disposals, dishwashers, built-in microwaves, ovens and ranges.

Bath Remodeling

Each year, we remodel many bathrooms to meet client upgrade needs whether it be a new counter top, installation of a new shower or complete remodeling. We also remodel bathrooms to make them safer and more easily accessible to handicapped or aging homeowners.

Brick Repair (Tuckpointing)

The process of repairing the mortar joint in a brick wall is called “tuckpointing”. This is a critical maintenance task when mortar joints have cracked, flaked or disintegrated,  and keeps water from entering the brick wall cavity. If water is allowed to get past the mortar and into the wall,...


We can replace your cabinets with prefabricated units or custom build units to meet your requirements.

Ceramic Tile

We install ceramic tile flooring, counter tops or walls to fit your custom design.

Concrete Sidewalks and Driveways

Let us replace your old broken and creaked sidewalks and driveways with new reinforced concrete for a long lasting installation.


Let us replace that old deteriorated patio decking with treated wood or long lasting composite material.


We can serve all your electrical needs whether it be replacement of an electrical panel box or a more simple replacement of an electrical switch or receptacle. We also install new lighting and fans.


Let us replace that old fence with a new one using either treated wood or cedar. Both treated wood and cedar pickets provide long lasting fences. However, treated wood pickets are more subject to warping whereas cedar pickets retain their shape and appearance for a longer period of time.

FHA Compliant Service

  MarTek is familiar with all standards for FHA compliance. We have served in this capacity for years.

Flooring Carpet, Vinyl, Wood, Tile

We install all types of flooring and can provide samples for your selection.

Garage Doors & Openers

In many cases, we can repair your existing garage door or opener. If not, we will install a new wood or metal garage door or new opener to meet your requirement.

Granite Counter Tops

We install custom granite counter tops in your kitchen or bath. Let us assist you with your selection.

House Cleaning

Let us remove all your trash and debris from your vacated home and professionally clean the interior for a new occupant.

Kitchen Remodeling

Let us assist you in remodeling your kitchen whether it be a simple upgrade or a complete remodeling with new custom cabinets and appliances. We do it all to meet your requirements.

Painting Interior / Exterior

We take pride in protecting your furnishings and flooring when painting your interior rooms. In preparation for the painting, we will repair cracks in the sheetrock and caulk the trim as appropriate. For exterior painting, we will power wash the exterior to remove mold and loose paint and caulk as...

Plumbing Repair

 We do all types of plumbing repair from simple unclogging a drain to repairing / replacing faucets to installation of new items such as toilets, sinks, showers or baths.

Power Washing

Let us use our high pressure power washers to clean your sidewalks and driveways or to remove mold from your house siding.

Roofing Repair / Replacement

Let us replace your leaking roof jacks or loose shingles to prevent water damage. Or, if a new roof is required, we can do that as well.


We repair cracks and nail pops in your sheetrock or we can replace damaged sheetrock with new installation.

Siding James Hardi or Wood

  We can replace your existing siding with James Hardi® siding or wood to meet your requirements. In general, James Hardi® siding is preferred for our Gulf Coast environment.

Spa & Pools

We service electrical needs for both Spas and Pools. We also are prepared to remove your old Spa or demolish and fill in an old swimming pool that is no longer wanted.

Sprinkler System Repair

We can repair and service your existing sprinkler systems.


We can remove your old wallpaper and texture and paint your walls for a new and cleaner look or if you choose, we will install new wallpaper to meet your decorating requirement.